DiscoverEd Brochure
Client: DiscoverEd
Copy: Rajat T
Design + Illustration: Ankita Shinde
The DiscoverEd team believes that science education in India has lost the ‘fun’ element and students are not as engaged as they should be. They’d like the children to ‘discover’ science in a hands-on manner and also be able to appreciate the usage of science around the students on a daily basis. The existing labs, they believe, are completely out-dated (there has been no significant change in them in the last 50 years) and they think that science as it is taught and the real life applications are completely anachronistic.
DiscoverEd is one super-scientist’s vision to revitalise Science Education. Read on to know the story they created around their brand of having ‘Dr.Multipus’ as the bored kid transformed into a super-scientist!
//This is the story of a boy, very sharp and very wise
For him  the world was a classroom, but the classroom itself was never nice
“why do I experiment to prove something, that is already been proven by else?”
“why cant I use my own ideas, to explore, create, invent ?”
Retiring to a world where no humans dived
With his inventions and loving friends he happily thrived
Here he worked without a fuss
And thus he came to be fondly know as Dr. Multipus
years and decades have passed, the world has since moved on.
but the teaching and learning of science has stayed the same for just too long
Science should be fun he knew that much,
Students should create, learn and discover it as such
He gathered us that night and told us of his plan
Based on his commandments we created the program
Relate science to their outside world, by presenting real life problems!
Engage them in the way they like, by introducing elements of game play!
Develop them into real scientists, through the use of role play!
Show them how to reason well, using the claim-evidence-reasoning framework!
Focus on the process of science, by dissolving notions of any ‘right’ answer!
So what are we waiting form, lets jump inside
We are sure that for everyone it will be a fun filled ride!//
DiscoverEd Brochure