"Drovamuka" is open fire, warm atmosphere, friendly communication, pizza pie on an open fire and excellent wine

to create identity for a new restaurant in Novosibirsk.

when designing a logotype, a Pompeian furnace was an inspiration, from which the principle of placing letters in the form of an ellipsis was taken. Taking into account the interior design and the purpose of the place, the identity includes much handmade graphics. During the process of identity elements creation, much acrylic paint and Italian paper was used. A series of picturesque identifying signs were made that are used both with the logo and separately. The logotype, the signs and the style convey and intensify the philosophy of the place.

Also, the TWET studio created a book about "Drovamuka". It tells you about what "Drovamuka" is and how to work with its identity.

"DROVAMUKA" pizza pie & wine | Restaurant Identity