Video and Motion Graphics
 Student projects from 2010-2011
 This animation was to be made based on a rule that was observed during a recorded conversation. I focused on the rules of eye movement and how the eyes speak even when the mouth does not. -Thanks to my friends Nikki and her daughter Ashlee
 For this assignment I was to choose an existing logo and create a short animated version. I chose this beutiful logo from the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium.
 The assignment that this came out of was as follows: Take a book that I had read but there hasn't been a movie based on said book and create movie titles as if the book were now being made into a movie. The book I chose was  The Last Book in the Universe by Rodman Philbrick. The music is by Nine Inch Nails. The over-all the project ended up with a darker grittier theme that I had anticipated. However, I was  happy with the end result. 
  Another animated logo project, this time I chose my childhood favorite: Lego.