Jumpsuit Canvas redefines how communication exists in the physical space. The suit is one-size-fits-all, focusing on the interchangibility of the wearer. The overall impact of the garment is streamlined, yet simple. The plain base allows for an expansiveness when drawing, yet the silhouette concentrates on the curvature of the human form and provides a guide for the drawers.
Atalanta Shi
Supporting Models:
Ying Bonny Cai
Paige Ryan
Matt Francis
Dry-Erase Markers
The vinyl surface allows for a dry-erase marker to easily draw and erase off of the form. The quilting serves two purposes: it creates a grid that serves as a recognizable template to work off of, and it retains the essence of the strokes from the dry-erase marker without making the drawn image permanent. Two hidden pockets hold the dry-erase markers - making them accessible and efficient. 
Technical Drawing: