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    An online social media multiplayer-game.
Jägermeister Last Stag Standing
A Facebook Multi-User Game
Asa pre-Christmas special, Jägermeister released a limited edition of theiriconic bottle based on the original brand design. To raise awareness among thebrand’s online fan base, we gave fans the opportunity to experience thecollector’s item – online and prior to sale. 
EnterLast Stag Standing, a real-time, multi-player online game that is availableboth on Facebook and iPad. The challenge: Uncovering the retro bottle’s labelin a tough one on one, stag against stag fight, consequently leading users tonot just engage with the collectible, but with each other!

The app's competitive and engaging character was alsotransferred to point of sale: Shoppers, flanked by the Jägerettespromotion girls, were able to challenge each other on the iPad version.

The combination of strong design language, CGI andlively animation – all created in-house – contrived a true experience fortarget audience, successfully captivating and reaching thousands of new fans.

Creative Direction: Mike John Otto
Concept: Alexander Meinhardt, Dorothee Zoll, Dennis Baum, Me
Art Direction: Me
Design: Alexander Otto, Philipp Nottelmann, Me
3D-Animation: Me
Motion-Design: Me
Flash-Development: Dennis Baum, Eric Hoffmann