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Responsive Website Design for Veritas/Symantec

CASE STUDY: Responsive Design for Veritas (by Symantec)

This was a very time consuming project that needed to be completed in a short amount of time. In Fact I was busy working on another project when my creative director casually walked over to my desk late one afternoon and asked; "Can you help me out with Veritas?" I was like, sure! I quickly got briefed and realized what I needed to do. My days went from 8 hour days to 12 to 14 hour days 7 days a week for next 4.5 months just to meet deadline. 
Myself and another Senior Visual designer working with a PM, I.A. in 4.5 months time where able to complete the following:
2 websites one for Symantec and the other Veritas. Total pages designed for each is roughly 40 PSD x 3 variations (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile) = 120+ Visual comps. Not including interaction and functionality. This was an amazing undertaking all done in about 4.5 months. • 300+ Wire Frames • 44+ HTML. 

Upon finishing this project I won the following agency from my team in Irvine, CA. 

Shortly after receiving my first award above, I received another award from our National team for my contribution on Medtronic.
Hey, I don't mind if people talk about me.

"I had the pleasure of working with Lewray on a large website design project.  Lewray was great to work with. He's enthusiastic, creative and thorough. He iterated through all the possible interactions for the functionality he was designing, ensured his designs met accessibility standards, accepted client feedback and incorporated it with ease. He used his expertise and past experience to advise the client in which designs were most recommended. The client enjoyed working with him and appreciated his insights and recommendations as well as his manner. I really enjoyed working with Lewray on this project and would be happy to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future!"

- Jennifer Rostal  - Lead Business Consultant at Perficient Digital
Responsive Design for Veritas (Owned by Symantec)

I was given the responsibility to work on a very important project for Symantec/Veritas. I jumped in head first to make sure I made the deadlines given to me by working agile with various individuals to deliver on time.

Hey, I don't mind if people talk about me.

"Lewray is the juice within our Agency culture. He has such a positive and infectious attitude he makes it impossible to have a bad day. Lewray's design talents and eagerness to learn set him apart as a valued member of our Agency team."

 - Matt Passey: Digital Agency Executive
Responsive Website Design for Veritas/Symantec


Responsive Website Design for Veritas/Symantec

This was a huge undertaking needed in a short amount of time. Goal was to build 2 websites simultaneously for Symantec and Veritas. Total pages d Read More