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Illustrations. Science
Science Illustrations
created for research publications, presentations and journal cover art. A variety of styles is presented, from line art, to fully rendered illustrations, photo-collage, and informational diagrams. The style direction is determined by several considerations including pre established styles, type of information and subject to be depicted, and client preference. The overarching aim is to render the concept with clarity and understanding in a visually compelling way.
ANTIINFLAMMATORIES prevent surgery-induced outgrowth of distant tumors in mouse models and may reduce early metastatic relapse in patients.
Patients undergoing surgical resection of primary breast tumors confront a risk for metastatic recurrence. The cause of early metastatic relapse in breast cancer has long been debated, with many ascribing these relapses to the natural progression of the disease. Others have proposed that some aspect of surgical tumor resection triggers the outgrowth of otherwise-dormant metastases, leading to the synchronous pattern of relapse. 
Background art for "Microbiome Initiative Bioinformatics Center" website: http://jdrf-mibc.org/
Looking at the mighty PLANARIAN and how their muscles play a roll in regenerative healing. 
INVESTIGATING DNA editing to target the causes of Fragile X syndrome, (the most common genetic form of intellectual disability in males).
Cover proposal about differentiation in the human microbiome. Unpublished.
MEASURING THE MITOCHONDRIA. Cover concept proposal for CELL journal.
DIMENSIONAL HOLOGRAMS on Large-Area Flexible Substrates for Sensing and Multilevel Security. Cover concept for journal submission. Stylized view of engraved nanostructures in the shape of microscale, inverted pyramids reminicent of Teuchitlan pyramids (Mexico).
DIMENSIONAL HOLOGRAMS on Large-Area Flexible Substrates for Sensing and Multilevel Security. Cover concept for journal submission. Cross-section of inverted Teuchitlan, step pyramid.
DIMENSIONAL HOLOGRAMS on Large-Area Flexible Substrates for Sensing and Multilevel Security. Cover concept for journal submission. Expression of the concept by alluding to and referencing the pre-Columbian culture of the Teuchitlan.
BABES IN BUGLAND. According to the hygiene hypothesis, the increasing incidence of autoimmune diseases in western countries may be explained by changes in early microbial exposure, leading to altered immune maturation. Following gut microbiome development from in infants from birth until age three in Northern Europe, where early-onset autoimmune diseases are common in Finland and Estonia but are less prevalent in Russia.
BLUE MORPHO published on the cover of Advanced Optical Materials journal. (April 2016, Vol. 4, No. 4). The striking blue color of the Blue Morpho is derived from refractive nano structures on its wings, rather than pigmentation.
Digital painting as an element for a larger illustration. (Partners Healthcare System).
Cover art for "Analytical Chemistry" Vol. 87, Iss. 10, May 19, 2015: A light beam propagates onto a photonic sensor, which consists of a functionalized hydrogel matrix doped with periodically organized silver bromide nanocrystals. In the presence of metal ions (Pb2+), the sensor changes its diffracted light color, which is spectroscopically analyzed for quantitative measurements.
Triptych illustration for a proposal for cancer research.
Thrombolysis In Myocardial Infarction #1
1. blood vessel cross-section with lipid core and calcification in the bottom.
2. Smooth muscle cells change phenotype and move from the media to the intima where  they release small particles (vesicles).
3. The vesicles accumulate in the bottom (forming the big calcification) and in the top (the cap). 
4. Macrophages in the core also release vesicles.
5. Vesicles accumulating in the cap can create stress concentration. The color "heat map" indicate the stress levels; higher in the poles (red), lower in the middle (blue).
SILENCING ECHOES, MIT Computational Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. Cover proposal for a research paper on using software to filter edges (connections) between network nodes. Winning entry for the 2014 Koch Institute IMAGE Awards.
Cover proposal for a paper submitted to the scientific journal "GENOME RESEARCH". Digital composition and scale model photography were combined to create this image representing genetic sequencing as a child's toy.
UNRAVELLING THE PROSTATE GENOME Cover proposal for the scientific journal "CELL".
NETWORK DECONVOLUTION alternative interpretation, Broad Institute.
NANOTHERMOMETRY. Harvard University Applied Physics Lab. Cover proposal for "NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY". This is a science-fiction themed illustration that describes techniques of using lasers in conjunction with gold and diamond particles to measure temperatures within a cell.
I created The Human Microbiome illustration for a research team at The Broad Institute. It was chosen by the scientific journal "NATURE" for the cover of their June 14, 2012 issue.
Published cover art for the scientific journal "NATURE".
LINKAGE DISEQUILIBRIUM Cover art for the journal "GENETICS".
Inferring admixture histories of human populations using Linkage Disequilibrium. This image combines miniature model photography and digital collage to create an evocative depiction of human migration across the continents. There are nearly 200 distinct miniature figures depicted in this image.
GENETICS JOURNAL, April 2013. Published cover art.
Cover art proposal for the journal "NATURE".
SPEEDING UP DATA MOUNTAIN This image describes the need to increase compression factors and search speeds to address the growing mountain of genetic data accumulated through the burgeoning field of genetic research.
Stylized cross-section of a blood vessel showing constituent layers and components.
Illustrations. Science

Illustrations. Science

Science and medical research-themed illustration for journal and editorial publication, and academic presentation.