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    Across These Fantastical Worlds is a collaborative project that became a study of how to combine polar coordinate worlds with digital painting.
Across These Fantastical Worlds
Digital Painting, 5 ft x 2 ft
Across These Fantastical Worlds is a collaborative project between Ashley Thorpe and myself. Ashley was responsible for creating the five “worlds” while I was responsible for painting the environment that the worlds would exist in.
It became a study of how to combine polar coordinate worlds with digital painting. Warping panoramic images into polar coordinate worlds creates a very surrealistic and trippy effect, so both Ashley and I knew early on that we wanted to create a piece that was in the surrealism genre.
While researching for ideas and methods, we ran into the problem that polar coordinate worlds created from photographs would be too challenging to properly incorporate into a digital painting based on the project’s deadline. Our first solution was for Ashley to create panoramic digital paintings and then create polar coordinate worlds out of them. It was a fascinating idea at first because we didn’t see anyone else online attempting this, so it was very much an experimental stage. However, this didn’t work as smoothly as expected. Ashley came up with the solution to use graphite drawings of hers to create polar coordinate worlds out of, and these worked out pretty well for the style of my digital painting.
Establishing a solid style for my digital painting was a big challenge of mine. I’m used to creating paintings and drawings in the photorealism genre, but with the massive canvas size that we decided on (5 ft x 2 ft), I knew that it would likely be too tight of a deadline to create a photorealistic digital painting that was detailed enough for that size. I attempted it (as seen in the birds’ wings in some Work In Progress images below), but I changed my mind and switched to a more illustrative style.
The final piece ended up depicting a story of giant deity-like birds of prey who are responsible for churning the ocean and forcing these worlds to rise up out of the water. To learn more about this project, then read Ashley and I’s case study at the following link: LOWEWHEELER_CHALLENGEPAPER.PDF
Work In Progress
Before + After Worlds
The worlds before and after Ashley put them through the polar coordinate process.