World Leader Quotes
World Leader Quotes (2015)
Something just for fun.
But who knows, maybe through this visual memoir we can analyze and debate on some of the political and social ocurrences going on around the world, obviously enough derived from our leaders words.
The idea is to keep producing more posters with everybody´s help.
1 Rafael Correa Delgado (Ecuador)
[ESP] "Si quieren matarme, mátenme!"
[ENG] "If you want to kill me, kill me!"
These words were heatedly spoken amidst an attempt of dialogue with police forces demanding restitution of law benefis regarding their salary. The day is remembered as the time where president Correa was held kidnapped on the health center of the police force in Quito. Several hours after a lot of social turmoil the military forces rescued the head of state amidst 11 dead and over 274 injured people between civilians, police officers and military personel.
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2 Barack Hussein Obama (U.S.A.)
[ENG] "“I've had to make statements like this too many times. Communities have had to endure tragedies like this too many times.”
[ESP] "He tenido que hacer este tipo de declaraciones demasiadas veces. Las comunidades han tenido que soportar tragedias como esta demasiadas veces."
In the aftermath of a shooting at Charleston, South Carolina, President Obama addressed the nation with compassion and urgency. This is a time for mourning and healing, he said, but it was also a time to take action and cure America's gun violence epidemic. Obama acknowledged that these speeches were becoming a little too commonplace. Though his words were soaked with grief, it was a powerful moment for a polarizing President, who recognized that he was in a state where the politics wouldn't align with his comments. He made them anyway. Between general debriefing of the situation, Obama made these resonating statements:

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[POR] "“Eu ñao vou cair, eu ñao vou, eu ñao vou. Isso aí é moleza, é luta política.”
[ESP] "No voy a caer, no voy, no voy. Eso sería fácil. Es una guerra política."
[ENG] "I won’t fall. I won’t. I won’t. That would be a cop-out. It’s a political fight."
The Brazilian President’s approval rating has sunk to a record low of just 8 per cent. The popularity slump comes for Dilma Rousseff amid a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal and economic decline in the country. The figures mean that Ms Rousseff is reportedly now Brazil's most unpopular democratically elected president since a military dictatorship ended in 1985. Ms Rousseff is the first female president of Brazil. Since coming to power, her term has been mired with controversy.
In what has become known as the Petrobras scandal, allegations have been made that money was channelled from a state controlled oil company whilst Ms Rousseff was chairperson. Further pressure has been placed on her as recent time has seen economic decline in the country. In an interview with Folha de São Paulo, she dismissed impeachment and resignation rumours, saying: “I won’t fall. I won’t. I won’t. That would be a cop-out. It’s a political fight.”

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4 DAVID CAMERON (United Kingdom)
[ENG] "I don’t think there is an answer that can be achieved simply by taking more and more refugees."
[ESP] "No pienso que hay una respuesta que se pueda obtener simplemente por recibir más y más refugiados."
David Cameron faced accusations of heartlessness after he insisted Britain should not take any further refugees from the war-torn Middle East, as community groups prepared to show that councils in the UK are willing to take thousands more.
Cameron did not want to join any Europe-wide resettlement programme for refugees, believing that if the UK became involved in a large-scale scheme, it would act as a magnet for other migrants and it would be impossible to distinguish economic migrants from refugees. The prime minister said Britain was focused on stabilising and improving the countries where migrants and refugees came from and highlighted action the government was taking to improve security. Although in recent days the posture changed, supossedly because of the political block pressure in the EU with warmer responses to the conflict such as Angela Merkel statements on refugee acceptance by Germany.
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World Leader Quotes

World Leader Quotes

Series of illustrations headed to convey some relevant phrases of today's world leaders.