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    Visual Identity
Visual Identity
Bjørk (birch) is a modern hair salon in Stavanger, which only leads organic hair products. The goal was to create a
contemporary, organic, avant-garde expression. It was important for Bjørk to emerge as a professional, playful and
ecological role in the market. The logotype is specially developed, based on the idea that the logo is made of hair
forming the name Birch. Every single letter is composed of organic shapes (circles and half circles) to support the
organic. And straight diogonal lines to create a contrast. The design was made so that individually and interacting
with neighboring letter, one can see hairstyles: B= Beehive / J & Ø = Ponytail / R-Bob / K-Quiff
The Birch is black and white with fresh green leaves. Hence the color scheme to Birch. The idea for the design
elements come from the black shapes that unfold in the birch-bark. These spontaneous, rough organic shapes
contrasts the purity of the logotype.