The Catskill Kairo - Highly Limited Edition Packaging

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  • The Catskill Kairo - Highly Limited Box Set 1/1
    Client Work
  • Megatron Inc. Sounds wanted to present the Catskill Kairo’s “Defini Too Cool To Tour These Cities” in a visual identity embodying the spirit of the band and outlining their idea of self-empowerment meeting avant-garde styles.
    German-based Brand communication agency RF&B approached us for creating the design and visual appearance.
    This concept is to market the band with a Non-Tour, where the venues in the cities mentioned aren’t actual venues, but rather hints for the people living the cities what would be the reflection of their doing from a far away point of the world.
    The designs were developed according to content and gave it the fresh look searched-out by Catskillers around the world.
    Elements throughout the visual language are interaction of the illustrations with the typography, gradients and cropped images.