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Having finally moved to Boulder and getting comfortable being back in school, I decided it was time to take on a new project. That project presented itself to me in the form of Scrib, which is short for "scribble". I met with Toby and Jeff from Scrib and they seemed to have a high energy similar to my own. They also had a desire to create a new type of work environment, one that reminded me much of my school, Boulder Digital Works. They were trying to piece together a WordPress site and enlisted my expertise but first, they needed something ready for the next evenings NewTech Boulder Meetup.
This is the WordPress site I created for Scrib. It featured a jquery slider and a sponsors section in which I used PHP to dynamically aggregate images and content from each sponsor.
Using the 960 Grid System I was able to put together a landing page for them to be ready for their announcement at the NewTech Boulder Meetup. I included a web form that would forward a name, message and email via PHP (which I had never used). I also aggregated their twitter feed into the landing page(also something I had never done). This was all accomplished in a 24 hour period of time.
The following week the Denver Egotist featured an article and video on Scrib and included several links to the page I had built.