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    The chair was made under the impression of sculptures of Naum Gabo but also based on investigation of the mathematical principles of optimum stru… Read More
    The chair was made under the impression of sculptures of Naum Gabo but also based on investigation of the mathematical principles of optimum structures. These principles arrange configurations of frame members for a minimum quantity of material to endure a given load. The whole structure of the chair was created according it for balancing external load of weight of sitting person by a system of internal forces. At the same time it was carefully measured and created according proportions and forms of human body to provide a high level of functionality and usability. Read Less
This chair was created under impression of wonderful sculptures of Naum Gabo. As his works it is investigation and manipulation of space. Like a sculpture it induces to explore it, look at it from every side and through it. But furthermore, it also has a function and can be used in everyday life with great comfort.
The structure of the chair was based on some principles for minimum-weight design where external loads are balanced  by a system of internal axial forces. As result it can sustain a weight over 100 kg with its own weight less than 7 kg.
At the same time it is such a beautiful form which is interesting to consider from every side.
Actual form of chair surface was choosen taking into consideration requirements of comfort by using it. There is no doubt that it is extremely important for a rocking chair.
The central part of the back and the middle of the seat were reinforced by additional layers of threads so it gives the best support for a sitting person.
The surface of the back of the chair has curved form to retain a waist. The whole form was carefully measured and constructed according human proportions to provide the best functionality.
The threads surface by itself also satisfy this purpose because it can change form under the pressure what make the chair extremely comfortable for people with different width of back.
The frame of chair was made from plywood. This material was chosen because of its pertinent features like strength, respect for environmental and cheapness.
4-mm sheets of plywood were cut on the stripes 6 sm wide. These stripes were joined to the final form and glued layer by layer.
Surfaces of the chair were made from cotton ties and colored wood wax finish was used for the final covering.
Only 2.3 sq m of plywood and 0.3 kg of ties were expended upon the whole chair, which meant less than 1/30 of one tree.
All materials are eco-friendly, completely biodegradable and were produced from renewable natural resources. Even the glue is environmentally friendly and does not contain any toxic substances.