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Polemical Notices / Typography & Silkscreen Workshop
Polemical Notices:a Typography - Silkscreen Printing Workshop.

An experimental workshop we did on May of 2014 on Gallery of Merchants hosted by Traces of Commerce.

We found traces of the classic font that it's used for the "FOR RENT / FOR SALE" signs and our participants sutured words-concepts which they impressed  the disclosure of their intentions through screen printing on various materials.

The end of the workshop was the begging of Synergastion (Collaboratory) that was part of the second phase of "Traces of Commerce" project for seven months (Jan-Jul) of 2015 .
"ΠΩΛΕΙΤΙΣΜΟΣ" it's a combination of the words "For Sale" and "Civilization" and it was the the spark for the workshop.
The classic gothic font of the Greek "for sale / for rent" signs was reconstructed and used.
It was a comment of the Greek economic crisis of the last years. Everything is for sale especially our Civilization.
Wordsmithing by Sergios Kotsovoulos, Vasilis Georgiou, Tind
Font Design by Vasilis Georgiou.
- First we gave the participants no rules, some manifestos and two hours.
- Later Vasilis showed some typography skills & designed an "Error is Superior to Art" directly on screen which we printed. The participants learned how to print the hard way, by themselves.
- Afterwards we brainstormed and came up with nine mashed up words / eight for a big screen and one for a small screen.
Next day we just had some hand on action.
Ημιτελέ / translates to Unfinishe (without the d). A word that came up from the "Polemical Notices" silkscreen workshop we did and since it's been used on various project such as this.
The end of the workshop was the begging of Synergastion (Collaboratory) experimental team that took over on the second phase of "Traces of Commerce" project for seven months (Jan-Jul) of 2015 .
Polemical Notices / Typography & Silkscreen Workshop