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    This project was realized for the FCE, transport company which operates the metro Catania. It includes: branding, designing a typeface appropriat… Read More
    This project was realized for the FCE, transport company which operates the metro Catania. It includes: branding, designing a typeface appropriate, a set of pictograms, and the entire signaling system. Read Less
Visual identity Metro 
of Catania
The current design of the metro of Catania

The first step was to design a new logo. I started a historical research of the most famous logos of the subways in the world. The Italian subways are identified with a "M", usually designed in white on red background. I designed a stylized M, it reminds the rails, but also the front of locomotives that are tilted. I designed the logo using a grid of 26x22 modules.


There are two versions of logo, vertical and horizontal. For horizontal version I used a rectangular grid of 67x22 square modules.

In the vertical version, between the M and the logotype, there is a ratio of 1:1. In this case the logotype is spaced vertically of two modules. The grid used is 26x32 square modules. The logo can also be used not without logo.


For the visual identity of the Catania metro, 
I designed a font that I called Aganè.


I designed a set of pictograms to use 
in the subway identity system.

Signs composition

The signage system is composed by a combination of square modules. I used 15x15, 30x30 and 35x35 cm modules. Some signs have, in the lower part, a fillet of 0.5/1 cm, useful for creating a visual separation between the signs and the other elements positioned around. 

Each module has been divided with a grid of 12x12 modules square, which makes placement of the elements Inside. The vertical signage is composed of two 35x35 cm square. The two squares are divided with a grid of 35x35 modules.

Road signs

The road signs is useful to indicate the stations entrances. There are two types of road signs, the first consists of a cube backlit, it is placed on top of a metallic pole. In the four faces of the cube there is the logo in white version on a red background. 

The second type, consists in a backlit totem that contains more information on the trains routes.

Entrance signs

This sign is located at the entrance of the station of each station. In this signage there is the station name. It is composed of 6 modules of 30x30 cm. Each module is divided by the modular grid 12x12. The distance between letters is determined by the subdivision in 40 parts of the letter W.

Signs check-in zone

This signage is divided into two parts. In the first part there is the name of the last stop. In the second part there are the name of all the stops, those in gray are previous stops, while those in blue are the next stop.
Signage platform waiting