Wall design for The Daily Summer x Billabong Summer Surf Party at Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY. We wanted to show the different categories of Billabong rider's surfing styles including longboard, retro, competition/shortboard, and big wave riding - all while keeping the focus on the athletes. I designed the wall, but sadly didnt get to install it. 
Transworld Business called it "a carefully curated 3D art installation that creatively told the story of modern surf culture."(full article here)

Wall measures 30 feet wide x 7 feet high.
^ Detail: longboard section
^ Detail: retro section.
^ Detail: shortboard / competition section
^ Detail: shortboard / competition section (cont'd)
^ Detail: big wave / tow-in section
Above photo by Megan Villa @eyeseaeverything
Below photos from Transworld Business (see article)