nomass is a group of people:

_movement artist Vasso Polymeni
_visual artist-etcher Florence Maumus-Christakis
_graphic designer Charalampos Andreanides
_music composer Thanos Polymeneas-Liodiris
_musician and visual artist Ilan Manouach

Each of us knows how to handle certain tools.
Because we each come from different horizons, we challenge
one another, act, interact and this is how we create.
The logo was designed through time, in an attempt to represent
the team’s spirit. In order to choose and design the logo, 
we took into account the opinions of all the team members, 
which were crucial to the development of the initial concept.

The unique aspect of the team logo and the whole i.d. is that each 
team member designed his/her own personal symbol, with
the synthesis of the basic elements of the sign. Thus we created
a personal i.d. for each member, within the basic team design,
which is applied in autonomous actions of each member.

The collaboration of all the team members is revealed through
the sign: a team of different units that co-exist and head towards
a common centre. Their differences though, when together creates
a strong and harmonious whole, expressed by the chosen colour, 
monotone in black, the colour that typographically is the blend
of all colours.



nomass is a group of people that come together to create projects combining different art tools. Each of us knows how to handle certain tools. Read More

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