INTUSShort film

Un homme se réveille, en sursaut, emmuré dans une chambre. Son seul lien avec l’extérieur : un téléphone défectueux. 
Confronté aux événements qui s'enchaînent dans cet environnement clos, l'homme se retrouve face à lui-même et à son passé.
A man wakes up with a start, walled up in a room. His only link to the outside : a defective phone. Faced with events that are linked in this closed environment , man is faced with himself and his past.

Jérémie Renier, Sozyone Gonzalez, Lisa Debauche, Maïlyse Hermans, Stephan van bellinghen, Jacky Druaux
Director : Gary Seghers
Assistant Director : François Pirotte
Second assistant Director : Arnaud Salmon
Dir Photo : Philippe Therasse
Script : Alice Sonmereyn
Edit - Color : Quentin Ransart
FX : Kwint
Sound : Leny Andrieux
Decor : Catherine Cosme, Eve Martin
Lead Make Up Artist : Marie Davin
Lead Construct : Gaspard Berlier
Post-Production :
Production : David Royen
Dir Production : Alice Gorissen
Ass. Production : Laurie Zaffarana
Photographer : Fabien Vieilletoile
Making-Of : Arnaud Salmon

We were lucky in the fall of 2012 to attend and participate in the filming of the first short film by our friend Gary Seghers . It was an extremely rewarding experience with a great team , an impressive cast and means rather unconventional .
A big thank you for this adventure .
We mainly supported the making-of and realization of photo shoots throughout the film. In addition to the selections in many festivals around the world, the film was broadcast on RTBF, ARTE, TV5MONDE...
Find below some pictures and the atmosphere on the set.

INTUS - Short Film

INTUS - Short Film

INTUS - Short Film by Gary Seghers, 2012 / Assistant Director - Making Of - Photography


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