universal meanings of colours...
Colours have different meanings. Colours can influence our moods, feelings and emotions. They influence our actions and how you respond to people, situations and ideas...

                  you should listen that song , while you are watching that images...     
          (the kingston trio- colours song)  
BLUE : Infinity, and refers to freedom.
RED: The color of vitality and dynamism. Agility, also it refers to determination.
GREEN: the color of nature and serenity.
YELLOW: The color is the best bright colour. Joy, intelligence, it refers to danger and practicality.
PURPLE: Nobility, is the color of luxury and prestige.
Black: Power, passion, and in most countries represents a mourning.
WHITE:  white is not a colour like black...  but it different from the others because all of colour created by white light.
also white is the meaning of, purity , reality , cleaning.