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    Photos of a red and white 1958 Chevrolet Corvette.
Atlanta, Georgia

My Dad worked for car dealers while I was growing up in Statesboro, Georgia.  He began at a Toyota dealership, then transferred to another marquee, Chevrolet.  Subsequent moves to the local Ford and Dodge dealers whet my appetite for automobiles.  Dad would often leave with the family car in the morning and show up for supper with another ride that was a "steal of a deal" or, in other words, the used car manager knew nobody else would buy it.

One of our neighbors was a newly minted lawyer from the University of Georgia.  As a reward, he got married and bought a Corvette...a '78 or '79.  He was a friendly guy and babied that black beauty.  I managed to snag a ride in it once.  Sweet.  It sure did beat the Volare' and the Plymouth Fury for style. Although, I believe the Volare' had
"rich, Corinthian leather."

I still have an affinity for vehicles...sports cars especially.  These photos are from an Atlanta Chevrolet dealer's private collection.