WorldBox is a streetwear shop full of unique collections of well-known world's designers and unusual shoes from the limited editions.
This is sports retro and fashion at their best. When choosing a product, we always try to combine style and comfort. 
Brand believe in the existence of shoes with "a soul", shoes which have created history and accompanied athletes during their great careers. We are also aware that shoes are not only used for walking, but they can also be collected or even loved. 
If you share our view - you are in the right place, because WorldBox is mainly a place which gathers people who are positively crazy 
about sports and fashion. Share with us your opinion on the latest trends and presented goods. It helps us to create the shop where 
you can always find something for yourself.

Client Worldbox
Agency Pro-Creation
2015_2018 rework
Interaction UX/UI + Design Ivona Kulinska
streetwear photography by ©Worldbox
the project used visual material and campaigns of worldbox's partners ©adidas ©nike