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    An experimental typography workshop where we created different tangible typefaces using glasses, biscuits and fabric.
Tangible Typography
Typographic installations made with everyday objects.
This was a workshop conducted at IDC, IIT Bombay as a part of Typoday, 2015. Working with a group of 32 students, together we generated 4 installations using everyday objects and also exploring space. There were 4 groups whch worked with Tea 'Cutting Chai' Glasses, Biscuit Packs and Fabric respectively. While the first two groups used pixelations as a method for creating a font with glasses and biscuits, the other two had to explore space and write a word with fabric. The results were quite interesting.
A quick presentation that I give the students with images and references that give them hints, ideas and a thought to begin the workshop with.
Pick one, to find out which material you are working with.
Using a graph and photos to make quick scribbles and plan out the proportions of the installation.
Pradnya Naik - A Font Designer steps in to guide the students in the early stages of the workshop.
The neon pink fabric was extremely flashy, hence the students made a connection with Neon signs across a city, like Mumbai.
And they decided to pick words from the Mumbai - Hindi lingo as an inspiration to create their typographic installations.
Giant stitched typography!
The word spelt here is 'Abey' in english it literally means 'Hey...' Feel free to add anything after this exclamation.
This group created the word 'Item' by hanging the fabric - in the Mumbai slang 'Item'  means Hot Chick!
The installation using tea glasses and biscuits, spelling the word 'Gup - Shup', which means chit chat in Hindi.
The installation getting deconstructed slowly when people come and pick a glass of tea and a pack of biscuits - until nothing is left.