How I lost you - music video for Retrovizorja
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"How I lost you" is a song from Retrovizorja and Elina Duni's album "I kaltër", mentioned in a previous project.


This animated music video is a surrealistic approach to the theme of distance and lost ties. The counterparts of an abandoned communication are left apart in an atmosphere full of nostalgia and disappointment. Are the telephonic signals useful? How big is the distance between them?


Music Credits:
song : Si të humba ty
written/performed by: Retrovizorja and Elina Duni
album: I kaltër
recorded at: Studio C - Prishtina
sponsored by: SCP-Prishtina


Technical specs:
Live Action footage taken with Canon EOS D5.
Hand drawings (ink, pencil and aquarel), Adobe Photoshop for enhancements+textures, 3ds Max for 3d modelling/3d animation, Adobe AfterFX for keying, composition and color grading, Adobe Premiere pro for the video editing.