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CPSI 2015 was a great way to kick off summer, and I'm happy to say I was involved from early spring, creating illustrations for class materials, a comic coloring book, and the cover art for the program guide and posters on display across the campus. Once at the conference I graphically recorded the opening night spotlight speech and presentation, as well as a speech by authors, illustrators and publishers, brothers Peter and Paul Reynolds. I not only learned a lot of new stuff at the Tools and Techniques Class, but also got the chance to talk about what I do as well as lead a drawing lesson. And I rolled out sheets of poster paper for the younger kids to make their mark.
Now have a look at how it all "rolled" out:
The opening night keynote speech featuring the "Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate Creativity" puncuated by a occasional chorus of Vuvuzelas by the kids in attendance- who also closed the night by expressing their thoughts on the future of creativity...
Here's the presenters- Dr. Cyndi Burnett and Susan Keller-Mathers, who encouraged the audience to jot down notes on creativity, fold them into paper airplanes, and let them fly onstage. Thom Gonyeau,Creative Education Foundation Chair of the Board of Trustees, "flew by" with a introduction and outline of the evenings festivitites.
Offering a few tips and tricks of my own in front of the Tools and Techniques class (Many thanks to Robert Alan Black, who took the photos) Also a shot from the Youth-Wise Program, where I rolled out  poster paper so the kids could "make their mark".
Above: A marker-eye view of the audience before Peter and Paul Reynolds’ presentation about their amazing mission to encourage kids of all ages to “make their mark” and celebrate creativity, courage and collaboration. 
Below: a short video of me in action taken by my 16 year old daughter who I'm pleased to say joined me at CPSI. 
(Music: "True Thrush" by Dan Deacon from the album "America")
Peter Reynolds and I look over the finished poster. More info on Peter and Paul's great work at http://www.peterhreynolds.com
Above and below: Spot illustrations created for the Springboard CPS Course printed materials…
(Yes thats Albert Einstein who’s momentarily lost his pants- note while this image isn’t a endorsement of the CPS techniques by Mr. Einstein or his estate, it’s proof you always need to be careful with your belt)…
A short creativity lesson, described in this updated version, about the Big Bad Wolf and his interest in meeting Little Red Riding Hood. Last year’s color version shown with this year’s coloring book version.
The poster illustration and graphic that appeared on the program cover and large-scale throughout the University at Buffalo’s campus. CPSI is always a thrill-ride!
Many thanks to Kristen Peterson, the boss CPSI Director, key contact and driver behind the illustrations here, to Karen Lynch, who got me to speak and draw in front of the Tools and Techniques class, and to all the new acquaintances and conversations we shared. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you all again next year!



CPSI 2015 is a dream project where I get to utilize a range of illustration styles and enjoy a excellent education opportunity too. Here's my wor Read More