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    Category: chair Client: / Completed: 2011
This chair is distinguished by the original form of its seat, primarily by the way it has been cut. It was designed to marry a large part of table legs the most "traditional" and widespread. This design offers a wider choice of modularity to the user and allows him to invite more people around the same table. This unusual shape gives it its identity, character and differentiate it from other chairs. It becomes a signature of use and style without distorting it and taking away its primary use. Items that are usually hidden or who are more discreet, are here magnified and enhanced by simple touch of colors. They also give the chair its "je ne sais quoi"and participate in the creation of an iconic and singular object.

But OMAT (One More AT the Table) Chair is also intended to be useful. That's why, it also addresses the need of comfort of a daily basis. The tight curves of the seat and back are adapt to different morphologies and do not force the user but embrace its forms.These two pieces are slightly inclined toward the rear to enhance comfort and give the user a more comfortably seat. Its contemporary and timeless lines are adapted to different kinds of interior without losing its character.
Industrial Design : Julien Bergignat