As part of my final year at University, I had to come up with a design and build project which would be my Individual Project (also known as dissertation). I decide to create "Student Portal", a web application which allows student and the academic staff of a university to access university-related resource.
Date: November 2014 - May 2015 | Client: None (Individual Project at University)
Category: Web Development/Design
"Overall, a very competent project report showing evidence that the requirements above have been met and the module's learning outcomes achieved.

The work done demonstrates clarity of thought; good organisation of work, artefacts and the report; some degree of originality and depth of knowledge. The project report is clear and well organised."
Vladimir Stankovic, Lecturer, City University London
In most university degrees, the final year of the degree consists of the same amount of modules as the previous years with the exception of an individual project, also known as a dissertation. The Individual Project module runs through the whole of the final year of university and involves substantial amounts of work and numerous meetings with a supervisor which at the end of the academic year marks the dissertation alongside a second marker.
The idea behind my individual project was to create an app or website which would allow students and the academic staff of a university to access university-related resources. In the end, I made the decision to develop a website. I started the project in November 2014 and completed it in April 2015. Throughout the project, I conducted extended research and learning phases in order to cover the missing knowledge I had in terms of specific tools, programming languages or syntaxes. The main programming language used throughout the project is PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor). The relational database management system (RDBMS) used is MySQL. The project was built to be integrations heavy with some of the most important third-party integrations being: PayPal PHP Class, TFL (Transport for London) API, Google Maps API and Bootstrap. It also included other smaller components such as the DataTables table plugin and the select2 select box plugin.
Overall, this was the project I enjoyed the most which is probably due to amount of control I had over its direction, due to its stressful and challenging progress which always kept me in motion and gave me the hunger to try and achieve my best. Once it was complete, the feeling of accomplishment made me realise that I achieved something special which won’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication that I put into the project. The project was worth 4 standard university modules and was awarded 69%.

In order to get a visual representation of the project, feel free to have a look at the images provided above and below.