Comic Book Work
See ya in the Funny Papers
I love comics! Love everything about them, from the process of making them, to the smell of a $.50 bin filled with 70's and 80's overstock.
Spider-Man's Origin: I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do a one page origin of a character. Get enough of what makes that character who they are in that one page. I think I did an ok job. Words, and Illustration by me, Colors by Lawrence Basso.
Madman! This is a pinup of Mike Allred's Madman! This will be appearing in an upcoming issue of the comic! Pencils/Concept by Me, Inks by Ken McFarlane, Lettering by Matt Talbot, Colors by Lawrence Basso.
Justice League Pinup: Just wanted to put together a JLA team and see what it would look like. Illustration by Me, Colors by Lawrence Basso.
Golden Age Batman Commission