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Art Direction, Design, Coding graphic, Development.
The agency website of Activation Nodeplus, that is the digital subsidiary of leading marketing agency Activation Group. It’s an advanced site with hyper electric WebGL visualization and an additional feature for Google Cardboard. We bring technology and crisp animation together aligned with our agency profile and dedicated portfolio. The overall design is under a modern, responsive, liquid grid layout and subtle coding-graphic motion, presenting a striking impact that blasts through the screen of silence, as well as hyperactive yet silky smooth browsing experience to visitors.


The 3d transformation of key words to lead the hyperactive real-time animation
Bring the combination of technology and art to screen impact


Born in the booming digital era, we believe digital should not simply be just a marketing tool. We grew rapidly into a multi-award winning agency within two years by weaving the design thinking and technological curiosity into every strand of our DNA. Then we put our ideas together in a cohesive way to form a design concept and deliver one-of-a-kind digital solution. A subsidiary of a leading integrated marketing agency Activation Group, we bring distinctive brand publishing communications to our clients across Greater China. Our journey in the digital sphere started independently in the mid-2012. For chasing more sophisticated brand services to our clients, we joined the leading marketing agency Activation Group as a subsidiary after the insanely rapid growth in two years. Striving to lead innovation in the digital age is our religious belief. We work with the top brands in China and the world to deliver integrated digital, broadcast, social CRM, print and brand publishing communications. We turn big ideas and data into personal experiences to help our clients win more customers and make them more valuable.


WebGL / GLSL technique on real-time rendering graphics CSS Keyframe motion.
We present a striking impact that blasts through the screen of silence, as well as hyperactive yet silky smooth browsing experience to visitors. Living in the digital sector to surf pixels and dimensions, we ideate from a cup of coffee, design from pencils to screen crossing a variety of disciplines, deliver neat digital experience, and bring sophisticated brand communication to the consumers. We work closely with our clients to create exclusive solutions and deliver meaningful marketing results. We are here to help our clients set and pursue long-term goals. At the heart of the agency is our fundamental belief in the power of creativity, the most powerful aspect in the business. We build collaborative relationships between clients and partners to unveil the hidden values and the potential in people, brands and business through creativity and insightful analysis, thus producing refined experience on multiple digital platforms. Our heritage tells us who we are, what we believe and how we should behave. It inspires us to continually challenge the status quo. The spirit is reflected through our people, strong work ethic and results. We stick to our mission that brilliant ideas solving real business problems through world-class service, execution and craftsmanship.


In order to stay ahead of the curve in today’s marketing challenges, we joined Activation Group to form a bigger blueprint to offer fully integrated marketing services in digital language. We work with an open process that put challenges on the table, thus allowing our designers and strategists to collaborate better as a team. We work closely with our clients to create professional and exclusive solutions. As a full-service digital agency, we amplify your vision through inspired creative solutions with clarity by constantly embracing design thinking and technology. We listen to the audiences and translate the well-strategized concepts into interactive visualization. All our team members believe in delivering world-class branding messages that are magnified by our dedication to each and every project. To better adapt to the digital world and build the bridge for the digital future, we are obliged to empower and assist our clients to their utmost potentials. Our rigorous dedication in creative and innovation has gained both worldwide industry recognitions and respective national awards, making us one of the most sought-after digital agency in the region. The obsession in forward thinking, technical approaches and pixel-perfect details pays back us progressive work.


Home to some of the brightest minds spanning Greater China and Asia Pacific, we host an international team of competent and committed specialized professionals providing unique expertise to cater needs of our clients.  We pride ourselves as the market leader and the ideal agency to champion and deliver real results. We still have the contagious curiosity about the world as a big guy. Together with a decisive and confident consists of people coming from various backgrounds and having different skill sets, we always strive to unleash our imaginations, provoke the conventional wisdom, make bold moves, and be uncompromised about ordinary pixels.


Headquartered in Shanghai, we formed the fully coverage of marketing services across greater China and Asia Pacific with regional offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore. We not only strive to maintain a high standard of excellence in each work we deliver but also keep pushing the industry boundary by elevating our services to help brands optimize marketing influence. Setting the creative bar high, we always challenge ourselves to make striking impact that blasts through the screen of silence.


Serving as the home base for some of the most brilliant minds across Greater China and Asia Pacific, not only are we digital professionals but also music players, travelers, food hunters and rule breakers. Formed as a multi-background union, the team’s diversity guarantees that each project is in the hands of the very talented people with specific pertinent expertise, tireless passion, dedication and absolute professionalism. The extensive industry connections and the excellent professional skills are our crucial assets that push us forward.


Google Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Google for use with a fold-out cardboard mount for a mobile phone. It is intended as a low-cost system to encourage interest and development in VR and VR applications. Everyone can get an immersive experience of virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way.

Activation Nodeplus is the digital subsidiary of integrated marketing agency Activation Group. It's an agency that brings brand publishing communications to clients across Greater China and works with influential brands to deliver integrated digital, broadcast, social CRM and brand publishing communications. Born in the booming digital era, the company grew rapidly into a multi-award winning agency by weaving the design thinking and technological curiosity into every strand of their DNA that is turning the creativity and technology into bold personal experiences.

Accolades - FWA Site of the Day, FWA Mobile of the Day, Awwwards Site of the Day, Awwwards Honorable Mention, 
CSS Design Awards, French Design Index, etc.



Agency_  Activation Nodeplus / Activation Group
Creative Direction_  Du Haihang
Art Direction / Graphic Design_  Du Haihang
Lead Copywriting_  Stanley Tam
Copywriting_  Jonathan Chan / Jillian Liu
Low-poly 3D Alphabets Modeling_  Richard Chow
Experience / Animation_ Du Haihang
Programming / Development_  Du Haihang 

Activation Nodeplus Website V2.0

Activation Nodeplus Website V2.0

The agency website of Activation Nodeplus, that is the digital subsidiary of leading marketing agency Activation Group. It’s an advanced site wit Read More


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