PIY / Silkscreen Printing Workshop
In continuation of spreading the word of silkscreen we contributed to PIY Print It Yourself Seminars and Workshops curating the on half of the workshop which was devoted to silkscreen on paper and other materials. 

PIY is organized by Antonis Daktilidis. This year it was curated by Fuzzink & tind with contributions by Marietta Kallona, Iliana Galazoula and Maria Adela Konomi.

All designs featured by the participants.
PIY logo design by Fuzzink.
Screen printing on textile workshop by Fuzzink.
Screen printing on paper by tind.
Poster and flyer design by Marietta Kallona and Iliana Galazoula.
Video Team: Giorgos Iliopoulos & Andreas Vagias
Photography: Aris Panagopoulos

Peace, Love and Silkscreen.
Custom Gift bags made by Nelli Vergopoulou (Rich Bitch Poor Dog), Printed at Fuzzink's cave
PIY / Silkscreen Printing Workshop