CD Packaging
Project on semester 1 to make a CD packaging design (digipak and jewelcase) with promotional items such as poster and postcards.
The objective is to conceptualize the CD, with theme, and everything and use myself as the artist. So the CD should represent the artist. It should be personal but visually appealing.

The main concept is 'Coffee Break Music'. How did i get that? Everyone loves music, especially teenagers. Most of people loves coffee, if not the coffee, at least the feeling of hanging around the coffee shop (let's say starbucks of coffee bean). 
Music, coffee, relaxation, and the feeling of being in a cozy coffee shop, they've directed me in finding the concept for the project. I love coffee, i love relaxing music, i love coffee shop, and if it moves me, it might touch anyone else too (that what i was thinking).

So, the CD is about pop music, more to acoustic and relaxing music, the type of music that suits the feeling of coffee shop.
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