La Senza Promotion
A promotion for a well-established lingerie brand
This was my final project on semester 3. Based on the brief, i was asked to promote an existing lingerie brand which opens store in Malaysia and to promote that particular brand.
Based on the researches, i chose the brand La Senza because its brand value and wide range & varieties of products of the brand.
The objective is to promote a new line of bra created by La Senza targeting working class women with sub-brand, Charisma.
The main idea is to give a point of view to the people to perceive women as very attractive personalities with inner strength, not in physical way. Women are unique, they are often underestimated, but inside they are very powerful in its way. Based on that, i try to create an image of inner strength that suits women.

Charisma as the main concept and the brand name, in my personal understanding, is related to few other words such as 'Strength', 'Cool', 'Authoritative Power', 'Confidence', and 'Charming'. Therefore, this word is very suitable to represent the idea.
While for the main elements, i use Diamond since it is known as the strongest stone, therefore it symbolizes strength, high value (precious). 
Every women should feel special, attractive, confidence and powerful.
 Main Flyer, back side.
Main Poster
Main Flyer