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Curious Creatures | Childrens Book
- An Unpublished Childrens Book -

This is a short story,
About a group of wild things,
Of shells, and claws, and rhino horns,
And a buffalo with wings.
Charlie is a Leopard Tortoise,
And a peculiar one at that…
Because he thinks he's much less "tortoise",
than he is "ferocious cat!"
“Even though I am a leopard,
I choose to be vegetarian.
I could never eat my friends,
I am not some wild barbarian!”
Steven is a Buffalo Weaver,
But I’m sure he doesn’t know…
Because he thinks he’s much less “weaver”,
than he is “Big buffalo!”
“I’m a flying buffalo!
And my name is Steve!
Nothing is impossible!
… as long as you believe!”
Andrew is an Elephant Shrew,
But that fact is irrelevant,
Because he thinks he’s much less “little shrew”,
Than he is “Mighty Mighty Elephant!”
“I am a real elephant,
I just have a little trunk.
In fact my whole body is small…
Maybe I just shrunk?”
Brian is a Rhino Beetle,
But he’ll say that that’s preposterous,
Because he thinks he’s much less “beetle”,
Than “super-strong Rhinocerous!”
“I may have a tough exterior,
It’s a little scary, I know,
I’m actually really friendly,
And my horn is just for show.”
Andrew is not an elephant,
He’s a bit more like the rats.
And Brian is just a humble bug,
He could be related to the gnats.
Charlie is not a leopard,
And Steven is a bird.
And that’s why they get picked on,
By other creatures in the herd.
Charlie, Stevie, Brian and ‘Drew,
They don’t care what others say,
Because they support each other,
In each and every way.
They’re a special group of friends,
Each one of them unique.
Shells, and claws, and rhino horns,
And a buffalo with a beak.
It does not matter how you look,
Or what you choose to do,
Just surround yourself with creatures,
Who love you, for being YOU!
- Words Written by Kurt Schröder -
as one of the best entries out of 2300 entries in the
World Illustration Awards held by the Association of Illustrators
Curious Creatures | Childrens Book

Curious Creatures | Childrens Book

An Unpublished Children's Book. 'Curious Creatures' is a story about a few strange animals "coming together" as a group of weird friends, who don Read More