Hello vector community! It has been a long time since I've posted some art so here you go. I have been away planning the future of Vectology,and I have been at a crossroads with many ideas and formulas for teaching my craft.

To be very truthful with you guys I was very disappointed with myself. Not because of the idea for Teaching HD Vector art techniques, but for not knowing the people I'm trying to teach.I'm currently working on a system that will be very low cost for you guys and still the highest level of vector art training that is in existence!

From here on out, every path that I put down in any vector program will be presented as a tutorial or article( this one no exception) to be witnessed by all who with to learn. When I choose to reopen Vectology it will be the documentation of all of my experiments and rants with vector art.

Be patient, I have not forgotten my promise!

AI cs5 brushes