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From this past year
Some silkscreen prints, gliceés, and arty stuff.
7 inch is a limited edition of 50 silkscreen prints. Silkscreenprint on paper with handmade background. Size: 35x25cm Paper: Fabriano 350gr.

Mucho Calor. Giclée print. 60x40cm

Dilema 01 & 02. Diptich Giclée 42 X 59cm, Premium art smooth paper 225 gr.

Tales. Limited edition of 25 silkscreen prints. Silkscreenprint over paper with a handwritten excerpt background from different books. Size: 35x25cm. Paper: Fabriano 350gr. Signed and numbered.

Wu-Tang Clan. Giclée print on Premium Art Smooth Paper 225g.

Trust Nobody is a limited edition of 75 silkscreen prints. Size: 50x35cm Paper: Fabriano 350gr.

Macba days. Acrylic on paper. 70x100cm
Kalashnicrok. Handmade wood weapon/animal. Bought by pro skater Louie Barletta and used for his promodel on Enjoi skateboards. Photo by Roberto Alegria

Gypsy Matrioshkas. Acrylic on typical wood russian dollsFlamenco gypsy dolls.

Observador. Installation for Grafika Exhibition at Instituto Cervantes in Madrid