It all began with a late-night Skype call from Alexo.
For over an hour he detailed his project, He explained that would be “a visual celebration of Italians working, living and loving in both New York and the United States.” I was sold right away and couldn’t wait to get started.  

I immediately settled on a design to discreetly frame his black and white photography and enhance the elegance of the well-known “Italian style”: shades of grey and hints of gold paired with a clear typography.  

This is exactly how I envisioned 

I created a simple and intuitive UX, a portal through which users can explore these amazing stories and portraits.
I meticulously tested every detail on both web and mobile to ensure a seamless experience.  
The result of my efforts you now see before you — I hope you like it.  
We are all thrilled and proud to have created this project entirely in Italy in collaborations with Peroni.

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