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December 2011
What the OWL! represents my work as an illustrator, graphic designer and 2D animator. It was created on May 2010. Being over 1 year and 6 months old, it felt the need to evolve, presenting itself more mature, passionate, resolved, and strong-willed to be better and spread the howl.

"What the OWL! was born from the imagination of a small-sized girl, as a way to express the weird non-sense of a gigantic world inside her mind. As that girl, I want to live from what I can create, at the same time that I am inspired every day for both the greatest and the smallest things. In a nutshell, I trust in putting my
heart in every single, and even little thing I do, being true to who I am, and trying to surpass the greatest expectations. But most of all, i believe in being inspired."

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