Hello, my name is Zita, and I want to show you some of our works at the Prostep Consulting Ltd. These characters, objects and background graphics are created for short animations as intros of online interactive exercises. Contains keyframes and feedback cards too. Doing exercises the feedback cards are popping up and telling us if the solution is correct or not. Translated: "Good solution!" and "Wrong solution! Try again!

A number of colleagues work in this project at our company. In this presentation, I put my graphics 
Zita Varga and the animations are mainly created by Attila Nagy. You can watch more animations created by other colleagues in our team.

All rights reserved for Prostep Consulting Ltd., Budapest.
Move, dressing, situations, skin color variations.
Sports, active life.
Eating, food, ingredients, healthy life.
Here you can watch more short animations in active life and health care categories.
Graphics created by László Koós, Dániel Hakkel, Miroszláv Vorosin.
Animators: Attila Nagy, Ákos Rőth
Thank you for watching! :)