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Abstract Acrylic Painting
As a painter, my focus is to create interesting abstract images. That's not as easy to do as it sounds. At first, my mind would wander into creating familiar shapes. The more I painted, I experimented with mixing color and creating new and interesting shapes or forms with them. I'm naturally drawn to bright vivid color choices as well as a varied light/dark dynamic.

I use a limited selection of colors on each painting. It allows me to focus my experiments and refine my painting method.

Starting with a blank canvas allows me to create something without context, and to let the early color choices and forms dictate the look of each piece.

After that, each painting moves slowly. Once they develop a character of their own, I work to refine that, and bring out it's core traits.

I focus on creating a high quality end result, so I'll take my time and really work a messy area until it matches the quality I aim for. I like my paintings to stand the test of close inspection and show a high level of detail.

I like my paintings to show movement and flow. Initially, there are points of interest that draw your attention, then allow your mind to wander and follow a line or a pattern to another part of the painting, where you pick up on another point of interest. 
Abstract Acrylic Painting
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