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    Lounge is a maple that was created by the need to provide quiet and relaxing moments.
Lounge was created by the need to provide quiet andrelaxing moments.
Today, it is important to enjoy the little moments in life. To this end, themaple Lounge provides a unique experience, rocking its users towards arevitalizing rest. It is an inspiring and minimalist object, with a fluidand continuous shape, capable of evoking enjoyable sensations.
The Lounge is easy to assemble and disassemble, and it possesses unique andappealing features that aim to facilitate and improve all of our lives.

3D model
Prototype process
Closely linked to product engineering, the aim is to diagnose problems and provide solutions during the implementation process of the prototype. The structure of maple Lounge is made of molded MDF (Medium Density Fibre board), backrest and seat are made of molded PRV (polyester reinforced with glass fiber).