Wikipedia Branding

Logo, Experience & Web Design
Dan Nelson, Davis Godbout and myself recently presented our rebranding of Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. It's one of the web's most useful, used and under-appreciated brands out there and as such we sought to strengthen it's presence both on and off of the web.

Wikipedia is a global, community-based source of information and we honed in on this simple brand truth: "Wikipedia: The Evolution of Knowledge."
Centering its strengths around the global community, our proposed logo had to remove itself from strictly Western Characters resulting in an abstracted "W" more attune to progression, steps and iteration. This allows each language to be recognized in the typography above the symbol and makes for a more iconic mark as a whole. Additionalyl, we animated the logo for use in presentations, videos, keynotes, sponsorships, and live events.

The last stage of our rebrand was to address the online web experience. Simplifying the layout, and adding new features like "NOTES" were some simple modifications that enhance the utility of the brand across all mediums.