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Farmácias Associadas
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Farmácias Associadas
- Aqui você tem amigos -
We were invited by Agência Matriz to produce the Annual Campaign for Farmácias Associadas.
This project aimed to show the visual identity of the new facades and further strengthen the slogan "Aqui você tem amigosHere you have friends."
 Below you can check out the material that is already on air.
Making Of
This was an amazing project in which we had the opportunity to work together with Matriz and Batuque. We are very happy to share with you the creation process that we adopted for this project.
Environment Concept
The intention of this project was to show a familiar and cozy environment. For this, we create a neiborhood block where the pharmacy becomes a beautiful meeting place for the many local residents.
Characters Concept 
After we define what would be the ambiance of our animations, we reached the most important stage of the whole project : THE DEVELOPMENT OF CHARACTERS!
This step was fantastic. Together with Agência Matriz we had the opportunity to create the personalities of our 16 characters.
After the design of the environment and the characters, it was time to start to animate them in our animatics.
Animatic is the first step in the animation process. At this stage we illustrate, in a very simplified form, the main actions of each character in order to analyze whether the story has been well told.
... And it is at this point that we begin to see the project taking shape!
Environment Development
After a long time working in pre-production, it was time to see the first renders. To communicate happiness and comfort, we choose to work with a palette of warm colors.
Characters Modeling
When we started to model the characters, we always took care to show the personality of each character in their accessories and clothing.
With the images that produced in the Estudio Pé Grande, Agência Matriz created a multitude of graphic materials that were fantastic. Here is a picture with some of the materials .
Production: Estúdio Pé Grande
Direction: Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Director Animation: Bruno Monteiro
Concept: Natália Brondani, Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Story Board: Francisco Beladeak
Models: Lucas Falcão, Pedro Casavecchia, Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Rig: Danilo Pinheiro
Layout: Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Animation: Paulo Lombardi, Raphael Souza, Lucas Meriguetti, Mallo Ryker
Look/Dev: Victor Hugo
Post-Production: Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Dust FX: Derek Henriques
Agency: Matriz
Audio: Batuque
Farmácias Associadas

Farmácias Associadas

Farmácias Associadas is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Brazil. The main objective of this campaign was to show the new visual identity as Read More