the movie was shot by RED camera, in this movie i do as a visual fx supervisor,DI artist and Lead Compositor. And i ve done 1.617 shots to graded in scratch, conformed in Smoke .then in this movie have 192 vfx shots--with variant cases: CG elements,Sky replacement,Screen replcment, stabilize,roto,compositing, CG waterfalls, camera tracking, add muzzles,xplosions and others things. All most vfx shots finished in Nuke. And finally the movie ,we can finish it within 3.5 months, with just a few peoples, : 4 compositors(incl. myself) and 3 3d artists. If there are some shots bothering you, i hope you can compromise, coz we didn't have much time do all things looked perfect. We tried here all the vfx shots have to be look seamless and natural as it was. Especially for CG Waterfalls, i ve done in Particle illusion, with multiple different character of water phases.All the visual effects done mostly in NUKE X and some in Smoke on Mac.

 ok that is sort from me hope you can enjoy it. and Thank You for watching. cheers - Kito