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    A selection of posters I did.
BAAL novo – Theater Eurodistrict
BAAL novo - Theater Eurodistrict is a theater from south Germany. It is also very active in France due to the fact that France is very close. Just on the other side of the river Rhein.
Need a smile?
When people send SMILE to the number below they got a text-message with a smiley.
The number is not active anymore because it got suddenly very expensive for me.
Waterhouse opening poster
The Waterhouse is a creative space in the north of Amsterdam. We do there raves, concerts, arts-exhibitions and other creative things.
Poster Diary
Poster Diary is a self-initiated project by Amsterdam-based art director and graphic designer Marius Jopen who has been creating a vast collection of posters produced as a visual response to a segment from the daily news. This project serves as a contemporary witness that visualises events happening in all corners of the globe, covering international topics and issues ranging from business, science, politics to culture. Jopen has recently released his latest publication entitled ‘The 2013 Times’ which is a compilation of posters produced last year. We urge you to take time and check his website where you can enjoy his splendid archive of craft posters in close-up. - People Of Print 2015
Nothing Is Original
A poster for a workshop about remix and originality which I gave at ESDI in Rio de Janeiro.
Love Foundation
The Love Foundation is a non profit organisation which I founded with two friends in 2013. We do raves and arts-exhibitions and donate the money to our waterproject in India (Bihar).