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League of Legends Login Screen Animations (2014-15)
A Quick Thanks...
This is a collection of my work on animated splash art  (Login Screens) for the PC game "League of Legends" at Riot Games. Each time players launch the game, the first thing they see is one of these animated digital paintings, which show players what's new in the game. This could mean new characters, events, or skins (cosmetic content for in-game characters), and more. As you take a look, keep in mind that everything seen below is the result of the great teams and people at Riot Games. The Splash Art team created the awesome illustrations for us to animate, the Motion Graphics team taught me a ton about how/why we animate these, and everyone else put in great feedback to keep making each iteration better.  And countless more people helped create everything else about these characters. So yeah, they all rule, but I'll be trying to tag others who had the heavier hands in the creation of these screens.
These are ordered newest to oldest. I'll probably add new screens as separate projects on here, I just wanted to get my previous work up all at once.
Now that all that is out of the way... enjoy! Thanks for your support!
Dragon Trainer Tristana
My Role: Animated everything minus some background dragon tweaks.
Motion Team - Tim Weiser
Splash Team - Victor Maury
Music Team - Alexander Temple
Zombies Vs. Slayers (2015)
My Role: Animated everything minus zombie hands and smoke.
Motion Team - Adam Olivera
Splash Team - Suke Su
Music Team - Dan Negovan
Sound Effects - Eugene Kang
eSports Worlds Pre-Finals (2015)
My Role: Adjusted and animated the 3D assets, and did overall scene compositing.
Motion Team - Adam Olivera - Tim Weiser
Key Art - Imaginary Forces
Music Team - Christian Linke + Sebastien Najand + Nicki Taylor
PROJECT: Master Yi
My Role: Animated Master Yi's loop and FX.
Motion Team - Adam Olivera - Tim Weiser
Splash Team - Chengwei Pan
Music Team  - Sebastien Najand
Sound FX - Brandon Reader
Arcade Skins (2015)
My Role: Animated Riven and Sona.
Motion Team - Adam Olivera - Tim Weiser
Splash Team - Suke Su
Music Team - Andrew Kierszenbaum
Gangplank's Return (Bilgewater Epilogue)
My Role: Animated the foreground water pools, did some compositing, and helped develop animation style.
Motion Team - Greg Platt - Adam Olivera - Tim Weiser
Splash Artist - Moby Francke
Music Team - Alexander Temple
Twisted Fate and Graves (Bilgewater Act I)
My Role: Animated everything but the awesome intro (thanks Greg!), and helped develop the animation style.
Motion Team - Greg Platt
Splash Team - Moby Francke
Music Team - Alexander Temple
Tahm Kench - The River King
My Role: Animated Tahm and his FX, and did some of the overall compositing.
Motion Team - Adam Olivera
Splash Team - Chengwei Pan
Music Team - Jason Wiley
Welcome to Planet URF
My Role: Setup and animated the overall scene. FX work was split among the team. Adam was totally the master of the bubbles though. And Tony made the drool at the 11th hour!
Motion Team - Greg Platt - Adam Olivera  - Anthony Possobon
Splash Artist - Christian Fell
Music - Sebastien Najand
Bard - The Wandering Caretaker
My Role: Animating everything, minus the cosmic stream and flute.
Motion Team - Greg Platt - Adam Olivera
Splash Artist - Evan Monteiro 
Music - Sebastien Najand
Jinx - Lunar Revel 2015
My Role: Animating Jinx, her rocket, the lanterns, and some FX.
Motion Team- Greg Platt - Adam Olivera
Splash Team - Jason Chan
Music Team - Dan Negovan
Rek'Sai - The Void Burrower
My Role: All Animation and FX
Splash Team- Christian Fell and Josh Smith
Music Team - Sebastien Najand
League of Legends Login Screen Animations (2014-15)

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League of Legends Login Screen Animations (2014-15)

This is a collection of login screens I animated during 2014-2015 for League of Legends. These screens are the first things players across the wo Read More