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Adobe Experience Design Rebranding

Why we need to change?
XD is centered around pushing forward new ideas and designs, and we strive on keeping experience fresh and exciting. Our branding should reflect it.
_Ideation: Sketches & Ideas
I sketched various combinations based on the shapes of X and D.
_Ideation: Structure Study
I explored the potential structures of the 2-letter combinations using the law of connection and disconnection. Therefore I could dig more varieties out of the 2 letters.
_Ideation: Proposals
Here are some proposals I extracted from my sketches and studies.
_Branding: Spacing Study
In order to find the right composition, I did a figure&ground study based on the picked logo form. 
_Branding: Logo Lockup Specification
_Branding: Colors
_Branding: Secondary Branding Patterns
By connecting and duplicating the logo shape, I built a skeleton (the 2nd shape in the 1st line), and then I started to connect different sections to make combinations. Therefore, I got 4 variations shows in different structures. 
_Branding: Applications
Including business cards, nameplate, XD thank you card, screen background and letterhead.
_Applications: Posters, Size in 27in x 42in
Each posters is made of different combinations of logo shapes and branding colors. All the posters represent the concept that XD can generate sophistication from simplicity, create unlimited possibilities from limited basics.
_Project Director Shawn Cheris 
_Graphic Designer You (Emma) Zhang
Yoo Jung ShinJakub Burkot, Kyeungsub Yeom, Carri Holden, Kimberley ChambersDaniel Wabyick
Adobe Experience Design Rebranding

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Adobe Experience Design Rebranding

A rebranding project for Adobe Experience Design.