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    A Gift from OfficeMax
A Gift from OfficeMax

To help OfficeMax stand out during the crowded holiday season, we created 20 holiday themed websites. Of those sites, "Elf Yourself" exploded to garner over 36 million visits in just 5 weeks. In it's second holiday season the site amassed over 193 million visits in under 6 weeks. Making it perhaps the most viral marketing effort of all time.

Elf Yourself
Roast A Turkey
Reindeer Arm Wrestling
Holiday Greetings from the North Pole
Season's Sculpting
Mistletoe in an Elevator
My Holiday Sweater
North Pole Dancing
Guess My Gift
You Got Elfed
Everything's A Reindeer
Yes, I'm Working
Stuck to a Pole
Shake the Globe
Don't Shoot Your Eye Out
A Worldwide Wish
Faux Charity Donation Generator
Conspiracy Carols
Save the Snowman
Elf Interviews