Shape Elements - Animated Elements [ Motion Graphics ]
...An interesting fact about Shape Elements is that we hadn’t planned to put it on sale. It was one of our internal projects within our studio that were used to boost workflow and increase productivity.

In 2014, it was revealed to the public for the first time and met with an amazing response. Then it went on to become one of our top selling projects. After undergoing thousands of tweaks and updates, along with feedback from clients incorporated into it, Shape Elements received multiple awards and gave us a chance to attract more talented illustrators, animators and programmers to continue innovations and move the industry forward. We are proud of the fact that it is now utilized by motion designers all over the world.

The main aspect is the small details that make up all successful projects, and that is what is being focused on here. Moreover, it is perfectly integrated with Pack Manager, our free project manager plugin, which will skyrocket your experience to an unseen level.
How it works?
Shape Elements 2
Slow motion has never looked so stunning before.
Dance shows feelings inside, Shape Elements - beyond...
Alter the reality? Just do it...
Make the World spinning! Show the momentum!
Accelerate. Jump. Land.
You can make ANY day special and remarkable.
We give you not a tool, but a freedom. Nothing will stop you!
You`re probably too busy with moving Z axis.. That`s ok. But some clients demand to add more details? Make them happy!
Rain was created with 1 single element. What will you do with 1,000? 2,000?
Shape Presentation.
Make elevator`s dancing spectacular? Yes, you got it ;)
Defiant, yet elegant. SFX are included.
Feel the sound. Every bit.
Taking another ramp already looks impressive, but what will make your jumps to really stand out?
Create opener from scratch? Easy!
Yellow is in trend today.
Break the boundaries.
Stunning Logo Reveal.
Ever wanted a superpower? How about slowing time?
Close-up shots now look even greater!
Be Bright Today ;)
All new is well forgotten old. SFX are included.
Are you ready?
Shape Elements 1 and 2 Trailer.
Shape Elements - Animated Elements [ Motion Graphics ]
Multiple Owners
Jacob Syrytsia