Line can go anywhere and it can represent anything. Line is symbolic of endless possibilities.
The lines within Radio Flyer’s logo don't go from A to B.
They playfully connect from one side of the logo to the other representing a journey.
The same playful line that exists in Radioflyer's logo exists in the path that a mom and child take together. They're taking the trip together but the child is making it into a journey.
Print Advertising
The blue line is the path going from A to B. The red line illustrates the endless possibilities of the journey, imagination, and the rides you could build on
Banner Advertising
Digital banners bring the journey to life on websites mom visits regularly.
Imagery placed on trains commuting from the suburbs to the city will create a journey.
Park Takeover
Radio Flyer wants to give parents the opportunity to go on a journey with their children.
Radio Flyer will create a whimisical adventure at parks using line to take parents on the journey that their child goes on everyday.
Throughout the line, there will be call outs to parents encouraging them to share photos of their journey using #BuildAJourney
On Instagram, Radio Flyer reposts pictures parents posted with #BuildAJourney and gives them a coupon to use on
Instagram sponsored content brings the line to life and brings new users straight to
Pinterest and their new “buy now” button weaves shopping on into what mom is already doing on her smart phone.
Landing Page
Parents can view photos from their journey, find a park near ready for a journey near them, and build a ride for their child.
Eco Box
Radio Flyer encourages parents to build a journey out of the very box their ride came in.
City Takeover
Radio Flyer shows the city of Chicago that they could build a journey too by covering the city with whimsical lines.
Art Direction:
Dylan Lang, Paul Patton
Geoff Cronin, Chris Sudder
Social Media Specialist:
Account Management:
Agency Technology:
Public Relations:
"Build A Journey" Radio Flyer

"Build A Journey" Radio Flyer

Student spec work created for Leo Burnett’s 2015 summer intern project. Radio Flyer asked us to bring attention to Radio Flyer’s “Build A” featur Read More