The Chic Fish // A Blog Project
The Chic Fish
A blog about retrò chic style.
The Chic Fish is a blog dedicated to a particular style we call "retrò chic", or the refined aesthetic sense of the past years, with its romantic atmospheres and true and sincere flavors, all in a today context.
It wants to be a reference point for those who love this style, for those looking for a romantic bistrot where have lunch, a vintage shop for shopping or a nice market to seek out unique items to furnish the house.

The Chic Fish is not an archive of trendy shops or restaurants, but a place where we finalize a passionate and careful research, done with the sole purpose to seek out hidden gems and reveal them to those who share this particular taste and is always looking for something new.

You could find unknown Norwegian designers as a delicious local store, or a romantic restaurant or an old-style inn for the weekend, the only common thread that unites the various contents is exactly the style.
First explorations for the logo
The final logo, web version
Here some background textures for The Chic Fish 
Mailing. "It's born the first retrò chic blog that even your grandmother will love". The Chic Fish.
Print version of the logo (for business cards)
Stamp for business card
Business Cards