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    Stool the MUSTANG
Stool MUSTANG. Material: plastic Sizes: 500x450. The seats come with two height options of 450 & 650 Available colors- pure red, pure yellow and absolute black... The stool is formed by moulding the plastic into shape under pressure Made of ecologically pure (clean) and recyclable plastics, polypropylene etc. The material can be recycled and used over and over again repeatedly. The MUSTANG is able to conveniently be put into mass production The stools are stylized in the form of the notorious saddle, which creates a certain positive images and associations. The MUSTANG model has a convenient anatomic form of a stool. MUSTANG is suitable of certain bars, cafes etc... The stools can be easily inserted into each other, especially convenient in time of exploitation, warehousing and transportation. The chairs will successfully add to the interior of the corresponding style.